Best BOM of 2012? You tell us!

We served up some darn good Burgers of the Month in 2012 and we’d love your opinion on which one was your favorite! Not only do you get to exercise your American right to vote (!) but a $25 gift card is up for grabs!

Here’s the scoop: listed below are our 12 BOMs from 2012. Decide which was your favorite BOM and then head over to Twitter and “vote” by tweeting your choice! To be eligible for the prize, your tweet must include:

• hashtag #bestBOM
• our twitter handle @bluemoonburgers
• the link to this page

For example, an eligible tweet might look like this:
No doubt the #BestBOM at @bluemoonburgers this year was the Lambgasm – how can you argue with a cute cuddly lamb?

Whichever burger gets the most tweets as the #BestBOM of 2012 between Wednesday Dec 19 and Sunday Dec 23, we’ll take all those smart people that tweeted/voted for that BOM and draw a random winner for the $25 gift card on Monday Dec 24. And no, there is no limit to how many times you can tweet about your #BestBOM!

Now get out there and tweet your vote!

January - The Hangover Burger
February - Philly Cheeseburger
March - Lambgasm Burger
April - Chicky Parm Parm Burger
May - Nacho Momma Burger
June - Picnic Basket Burger
July - Red White and Blue Burger
Savage Love Burger
August - The Savage Love Burger
September - The Modern Family Burger
October - The OktoberFeast Burger
November - Spicy Chicken & Waffles
December - The Roast Beast Burger