Shake of The Month


August Shake of the Month



The Maple Bacon Milkshake


We had such a hit with our Maple Candied Bacon that we decided to make a milkshake!

We take Blue Bunny..

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July 2013 Shake of the Month


The Apple Pie Milkshake


We ran this delicious shake last year and you all said GIMME MORE!
We start out with hand scooped Blue Bunny..

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June 2013 Shake of the Month

The S’Mores Milkshake


Back by popular demand! We have our delicious S’Mores Milkshake. We take hand scooped Vanilla Blue Bunny Ice..

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April 2013 Shake of the Month


The Pink Lemonade Shake


Our Pink Lemonade Milkshake is a little Winter and a little Summer all wrapped up in to one. Smoother than..

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September Shake of the Month

Java Cookie Crunch Shake

What goes better with your coffee than a great cookie?  And this month, we’ve saved you the trouble of dunking..

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August Shake of the Month

Very Berry Shake

One of our favorite flavors of summer is fresh berries, so this month we are bringing you the taste of summer in our..

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July Shake of the Month

Key Lime Pie

Simple, yet awesome!  We take sugar, Joe’s Key West lime juice and crushed graham crackers, and then add ice cream and milk...

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June Shake of the Month

The Piña Colada Shake


Back by popular demand, we are bringing back this flavor for the month of June.  Simply made with pineapple..

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May Shake of the Month

Nacho Momma’s Mocha

This shake is just like your mom’s mocha or hot chocolate – only better. We like our mocha Mexican style, using our..

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