What Your Favorite Side Says About You

What Your Favorite Side Says About You

Do you want fries with that? Or maybe you’re more of a sweet potato, onion ring, or tater tot person? Your side order might say more about your personality that you’d expect! What does your favorite side say about you?

French fries

You’re as classic as they come. You can appreciate a trusty pair of blue jeans or a slice of apple pie. But that doesn’t mean you’re without your wild side. Like an order of golden fries dressed up with chili cheese, garlic and parmesan, or curry sauce, you’re just as happy enjoying the spice of life. Above all, you’re well-rounded and get along well with others.

Sweet potato fries

You thrive on taking the road less traveled. You’re not intimidated by a bit of experimentation and embrace change with open arms. Your loved ones appreciate your conscientious nature, and you may pride yourself on being a good gift-giver on birthdays and holidays.

Onion rings

Just like an onion, you have many layers. Below your sturdy exterior, you’re equal parts sweet and pungent (in other words, you have a biting, sarcastic side). This makes you full of surprises and often the life of the party, yet you can also appreciate some quiet time alone with a good book. In terms of introvert vs. extrovert, you’re best likened to an ambivert — a combination of the two.

Tater tots

You’ve got a delightful silly side. Your goofy nature brings joy and even comfort to others. You’re still a kid at heart and aren’t above cracking a few puns or having fun at your own expense.