Specials of the Month

Burger of the Month: The Tailgate Burger

Tailgating Season is upon us and to celebrate we are making one of our favorite Tailgating Burgers for this month’s Burger of the Month. Let the Season begin!!

We start with a freshly Toasted Brioche Bun spread thick with French Onion Dip then add a 1/3 Beef Patty with melted American Cheese on a bed of Iceberg Lettuce topped with Bread & Butter Pickles and Crispy Potato Chips.

**Gluten – Sub GF Bun
**Dairy – Cheese

Side of the Month: Hallowings

HallowingsWe are making these for no other reason than we love Wings. You get 6 Chicken Wings that have been soaked with our own Hot Habanero* Wing Sauce served with a side of Blue Cheese Dressing. We will offer a Mild Wing sauce for the faint hearted.

*Warning: Habanero Chilies are intensely hot, rated 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale

**Gluten – Ask for them to be fried in a dedicated GF Fryer
**Dairy – Blue Cheese Dressing

Shake of the Month: The Pumpkin Shake

Back by Popular demand, this shake is the all-time favorite with both our staff and customers. Made with real Pumpkin and our own mix of Pumpkin Spice Mix. Don’t wait to try this shake because this flavor will be gone before you know it.

**Dairy – Ice Cream
**Gluten Alert – Our shake blender is used to make Malts as well.