The Savage Love Burger To Benefit Washington United for Marriage

Savage Love Burger

This month we have teamed up with our favorite sex columnist Dan Savage to come up with “The Savage Love Burger” for a very special cause.  Blue Moon Burgers will contribute 25% of the proceeds from the sale of August’s burger to support Washington United for Marriage in its efforts to get Referendum 74 approved.

We start with a 1/3 pound premium beef patty and then add hot melted Swiss cheese, crispy Apple Smoked Bacon, a sprinkle of our own crispy onion straws, and roasted red pepper aioli, all sitting atop a bed of freshly tossed mixed greens, snuggled between two freshly toasted Larsen’s Buns – and there you have the “Savage Love Burger”

We are proud to be part of a coalition of organizations, congregations, unions, and businesses working together to defend civil marriage for loving, committed same-sex couples.  Blue Moon Burgers – helping make the world better one burger at a time!